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Farris: Supports Will for state House

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Every four years, responsible citizens of our democracy are asked to participate and vote in a public election to select those individuals considered to be most informed, most qualified, and most trusted with positions of participation and leadership in our society. 

On Nov. 8, residents of Colorado House District 57 will have the opportunity to vote for Perry Will to continue to be our representative, a position he has held since 2019. 

Perry Will represents our district’s interests and concerns regarding our natural resources, water limitations, agricultural history and priorities, appropriate growth and development that protects our special places, our wildlife, our wildlife habitat, and the special reasons we choose to live where we do.

Perry Will has 40-plus years of on the ground experience working with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, responsible to those in his district and his state who know and love and protect the land and the wildlife. He is honest and approachable, informed and independent, intelligent and able to work with all who share a dedication to the protection of our special places, our special lifestyles, and our commitment to our special Western Colorado mountains and landscape. 

As citizens and residents of this special place, each of us has the obligation and responsibility to engage in discussion, deliberation, choice, and voting.  Please join me Nov. 8, as we select Perry Will to continue caring for us in his roll as representative for Colorado’s District 57. 

Dorothea Farris