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Ewart: An ideal candidate

The citizens of Aspen could not ask for a more passionate and devoted civil servant than Skippy Mesirow. In this age of ceaseless distraction and futile multitasking, Skippy is a breath of fresh air due to his ability to apply single point focus and endless determination to the task at hand. He has been consistent and disciplined in his mission to make Aspen an accessible place to live for locals while also addressing the realities and challenges of the day. 

Skippy approaches his job with a thoughtfulness and nuance that transcends typical political culture. He take the time to study the issues and keeps an open mind and heart to learn from his research. When it matters, Skippy will got to the mat for what it is in the best interest of the city and his constituents. And when it is truly time to pivot or evolve, he can change set aside any ego attachment to do what is best for the common good.

I have been honored to call Skippy a dear friend and colleague for many years. His moral compass is calibrated to the highest degree. Skippy’s integrity is a rare quality in modern politics and he should be considered not only the ideal candidate for Aspen, but also a model for anyone who aspires to public service.

Vote for Skippy and rest assured that he has your best interests at the forefront of every decision he makes.

Jessica Ewart

Paris, France