Erspamer: Housing, housing, and housing |

Erspamer: Housing, housing, and housing

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely is the saying. 

Up until the council vote of 2-2 on increasing funding for the arts from the Wheeler fund, we had a great diversity of opinion on City Council, which always improves the final results. Now, the votes are mostly unanimous, which paints a dark picture for the future. Has the diversity of opinion been abandoned for a rubber stamp and control of our city?

Tracy Sutton was the only candidate other than possibly Bill Guth who would follow the Aspen Area Community Plan by looking into immediately finding and funding employee housing inside the roundabout. Bring the workers back inside the roundabout, so they can walk to everything. Stop the more wasteful spending fiasco with The Entrance to Aspen and fund employee housing anywhere now. Any entrance solution has to eliminate the single lane, as the backup will continue everywhere.

I would rather vote for Bill Guth, who violated the code on the property, rather than Skippy, who tried to manipulate a costly city survey to control the thinking of the council and the citizens of Aspen, which is much more disturbing.

Drunk with power and flush with cash, does the current council turn their backs on the true community needs? Does the city have more dollars than sense? Do they keep approving things that greatly increases the demand for workers when they haven’t even taken care of the current demand? The top priorities for the city should be employee housing, employee housing, employee housing.

It’s sad we don’t have more candidates to choose from, but it reflects on the dismal situation in our community.

Do not vote to re-ink the rubber stamp.

Bring democracy and diversity of opinion back to Aspen, and vote for Tracy Sutton, Sam Rose, and Bill Guth.

L.J. Erspamer