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Entrepreneurial initiative in Aspen

For Aspen Entrepreneurs, this will be another year of celebrating the important work small-business owners and solo-preneurs do for and in our community. We believe that entrepreneurship is a beautiful, global language that is at the center of our daily lives, whether it’s immediately apparent. From the cars we drive to the phones we can’t live without, to the computers we work and play on — entrepreneurs make it all possible.
This year, we are introducing new programming, events and workshops to begin to tackle our biggest challenges, including bringing innovators together to reduce the impact of climate change, creating a more understanding and respectful community discourse and hosting events to show you how to make your entrepreneurial dreams reality.
In 2016, we produced events highlighting the best and brightest from our valley — those who created businesses that shaped the ski industry, the marijuana industry, the wellness industry, artists, photographers, venture capitalists who funded start-ups and many more. We introduced our first membership model and were gratified with more than 1,400 event participants. We also are proud of partners like Create Aspen Mentorship (www.aspenmentorship.com) who are helping to incubate 17 small businesses and provide upward career mobility through mentoring experiences.
Together our collective impact is making the Roaring Fork Valley a better place to live, work and play.
In 2017, we hope to help our community think outside the box and work together to solve our most pressing problems.
We are resolute in our mission to educate, celebrate and support entrepreneurs and local businesses, provide funding and resources for members and host inclusive events and gatherings to build a #GIVEFIRST entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you’ve not met us yet, check us out (www.aspenentrepreneurs.com). If you’ve not been to an event, join us at the Aspen Winterskol Aspen Chamber Resort Association awards to help us crown an Entrepreneur of the Year, and/or come see our Entrepreneur Showcase on Jan. 17 at Boogies at 6 p.m.
Together we can make the Roaring Fork Valley all we know it can be, and it most certainly starts with us. Happy 2017!
The Aspen Entrepreneurs Team