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Emzy Veazy III: Questions about Brittany Griner

Perhaps the Aspen Institute and its worldwide brain trust of elite scholars and policymakers can come on out in public to answer several questions about the Brittany Griner story in the Russia Federation:  

1. How did Britany Griner get past the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with her mary jane vape?  

2. Does the U.S. government OK mary jane carrying on transportation systems and across state lines and international jurisdictions?  

3. How come Brittany Griner was earning more money in Russia than she could earn in our country?

4. Why would anyone believe Brittany Griner was absent-minded enough to not realize mary jane was in the bag unless habit took over as a matter of fact?  

5. Would Brittany Griner have been thrown in jail and prosecuted in our country if TSA had noticed the mary jane possession? 

6. Does this Brittany Griner international scandal lead to U.S. citizens carrying around mary jane anywhere at home and abroad without any penalties or prosecutions?  

Emzy Veazy III


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