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Emmer: An old spelling nit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Not for the first time, in an article about Bill Guth, your writer uses the noun “dove” (a bird) as a verbal substitute for “dived.”

I suppose some stylebook for the lethargic prescribes this affront to the English language. And “brung” for “brought,” “sit over their,” “they hung the SOB.” Aspen constantly claims to set standards. Low ones, I guess. 

Maurice Emmer


Editor’s note: Dived and dove are both accepted past-tense forms of the verb to dive. Dove is used more frequently in the United States and Canada; dived is more common outside North America. In modern usage, dove is used as the past-tense verb about twice as often as dived. The word was not used as a noun in the story.