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Emmer: All American, period

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The May 17 Aspen Times reports on attempts by a Grand Valley High School student to advertise her dual allegiance to the United States and Mexico.  

Quoting, “She is proud to be a 200%er — 100% Mexican, 100% American.”  This is a sad barometer of our society’s failure to assimilate individuals from varying backgrounds and make them 100% American.  

Is Mexico paying for this student’s education and other public expenses that might support her? Is Mexico defending this student from enemies foreign and domestic? Is Mexico providing her with law-enforcement protection? 

No. America is doing that.  

Everyone should be proud of her ethnic background. Ethnic background is not national allegiance. To receive the benefits of this country, people should exhibit allegiance to it. Exclusively.

The board denying the student’s unreasonable request is correct.

Maurice Emmer