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Ellison: A small price to pay

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a longtime member/customer of Holy Cross Energy, I would like to add my 2kWh to its proposed energy-rate restructuring. Our home and my husband’s home business has had a grid-tied PV system for over 15 years. We increased our PV capacity two years ago to cover the increased demand of charging an EV.

Both installations were beneficiaries of Holy Cross Energy’s support. We are fortunate to be members of a progressive electrical cooperative and support their proposal to separate the cost of electricity delivery from consumption. 

A grid-tied system relies on a functional electrical grid to serve as both a “battery” for storage of excess electrons and a delivery system when more are needed. Holy Cross consistently provides the reliability that is necessary.

Paying a charge that is specifically targeted for ensuring future reliability of the grid is a piece of this energy system. Perhaps the solar installation companies that view this as a detriment to their business might take time to change how they work with clients and their marketing message; a functional grid is the most important piece of a grid-tied PV system.

Our monthly charge is a small price to pay for access to the Holy Cross grid for this two-way electron delivery system.

We installed solar not for its enormous financial benefits but because we felt that it was one way to become more conscious consumers of electrons while making a stand in support of the planet. The science is clear: Planetary climates are changing. Our actions at home have consequences on a global scale.

While rooftop PV is not the only answer to this climate conundrum, it is one piece of the puzzle and a way for homeowners to be pro-active consumers while educating themselves and their neighbors on the complexity of reliably providing electrons while respecting the vulnerability of planetary systems.

We fully support Holy Cross Energy’s proposed rate structure changes. These changes are pro-active and will help Holy Cross continue to provide reliable electricity to its members while moving towards a renewable energy future that will benefit us all.

Susy Ellison