Ehrnst: Neighbor gone to the dogs |

Ehrnst: Neighbor gone to the dogs

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I wanted to talk about the things that have been happening to me in my neighborhood. I have a neighbor who has an aggressive dog. This dog has attacked many other dogs and a child.

The lady who owns the dog works at the daycare at ASE. The dog is a long-haired German shepherd, and it is muzzled due to the fact that it broke its leash and ran to attack another dog that was just standing around with its owner.

She never apologized to the owner. She actually became very rude to her. At that point, that’s when the dog attack was reported, and the dog was required to be muzzled.

The attacker-dog owner then began feuding with the attacked-dog owner until she moved. After that, a new tenant moved under the dog-attacker owner. The dog would aggressively bark at anyone being outside in the side yard.

The new owner asked the lady if she has ever considered a bark collar. The dog’s owner got very upset, and a feud happened with those home owners.

I live right next to this lady. I have a 9-year-old English bulldog that doesn’t do much. Her dog has attacked my dog a couple times. The lady never apologized to me, either.

I never did anything about it, like calling authorities. I just keep my distance and mind my own. This woman has started feuding with me now and my dog. She has called the authorities many times on me because my dog is “off a leash.”

Her dog aggressively barks at my dog every time it comes out and sees my family or my dog. My dog walks inside. I have asked many times: What is my dog doing wrong to you and/or your dog? She doesn’t speak to me.

I have a medical condition in which I don’t have much strength of the right side of my body, and she knows this. The other day she drew the line and caused a major problem with me and my community.

Pamela Ehrnst