Aspen Times Roses and Thorns (March 8, 2019) |

Aspen Times Roses and Thorns (March 8, 2019)

Thorns go to two female associates of Aspen City Councilman-elect Skippy Mesirow, who were caught vaping inside City Hall on election night.

Smoke was billowing from the room where the copier is located in plain sight of the public. Come on, girls, have some respect for the rest of us. Aspen City Hall is not yours and yours alone, remember that.

A thorn goes to RFTA for completely ignoring any sort of schedule or route for the Galena Street Shuttle. One particular driver, Raphael, refuses to adhere to the schedule, so no one knows how long it’s going to be for a pickup. Other drivers say they have complained to management, but it has fallen on deaf ears. Can you hear us now?

A rose goes to all the candidates who ran for elected office in the recent city election. Aspiring to land a thankless job takes grit, courage and patience. Congratulations to everyone who came out on the good side of the election results and to those who lost, your efforts are appreciated.

Thorns to the people who thought it a good idea to plaster their campaign propaganda on public and private property. Regardless of the issue or the position people have on an issue, being a decent human who doesn’t vandalize someone else’s property is more important than how you vote.

Roses to the lifties working the Alpine Springs lines last weekend at Snowmass. With the corrals getting full and the singles line going up the hill, the traffic cop was stopping the big groups and sending through four singles at a time to make their own chair and move along the singles line. We solo riders appreciate it. And more roses, for the umpteenth time this season, to the mountain operations folks at Aspen Skiing Co. In just two examples of the great jobs they have been doing this year, the Silver Queen Gondola started spinning 11 minutes early on a great, bountiful powder day on Sunday due to the patrol and other mountain operations folks getting the mountain ready to roll quickly. On that same day, the Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol put in a Herculean effort to get 100 percent of Highland Bowl open that morning.

Bouquets of roses and a well-deserved thanks go to two long-term public servants who recently retired from their offices.

Lorie Crawford retired earlier this winter from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s office after more than 30 years of service. She was the longtime El Jebel branch office manager.

Jim Wilson retired this month as the chief building official for the town of Basalt, where he had worked for about 17 years. Wilson also worked for the Aspen-Pitkin County Building Department for several years previously.

Thorns to Mariner Real Estate Management, now known as Platform Ventures, for giving The Temporary the early boot from Willits Town Center. The move might make dollars but it doesn’t make sense.

The Temporary, the midvalley venue for music, comedy, theater, etc., was told it would have to depart before its lease is up later this year because Mariner had a party interested in a long-term lease at market rent. The lease between the landlord and tenant allowed either party to break the lease early during the second year. So, The Temporary must vacate the premises across from Capitol Brew Pub in early May. While the move is legal, it would have behooved Mariner, the business owners and operators at Willits and the entire midvalley if The Temporary had been allowed to stay longer. The Temporary is an integral part of Willits Town Center’s success.