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Editorial: Roses and thorns

Aspen Times Editorial

Editor’s note: Each week, The Aspen Times gives roses and thorns to current news topics and newsmakers. Send your suggestions to lauren@aspentimes.com.

Thorn: To the couple who not only left their campsite a mess but attracted a bear with their carelessness and then put their 1-year-old in serious danger when the bear entered the tent. Shame on them for creating a scenario that could have been deadly for their child but also for making certain that an innocent bear is now in the Colorado Parks and Wildlife crosshairs. If you don’t know how to behave in the wild, stay in the city, where you’re less likely to be eaten by a wild animal.

Rose: To all of the valley’s veterans. Sometimes it’s hard to get perspective on how many veterans are among us until we see such a tremendous turnout at the July 4th parade.

Rose: To the Smuggler Mine for kicking off the Fourth of July in style with earth-shattering cannon blasts at 6 a.m. Some might issue a thorn for this one, but we think there’s no better way to kick off the holiday and carry on an Aspen tradition.

Thorn: To the tubers, paddleboarders and others who littered at North Star Preserve over the holiday weekend. They left beer cans, inner tubes, an inflatable beverage holder, a mini trampoline and a kid’s swimming pool at one of Aspen’s most precious natural areas. It’s a nature preserve — treat it that way, or stay away from it.

Rose: To Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard, a frequent Aspen visitor who recently took a bunch of kids out for lunch and then bought them all longboards from Radio Boardshop.

Howard has occasionally gotten a bad rap in recent years for his play in the NBA, but off the court, he has shown there’s more to him than his inside game.

Thorn: To all those people bellyaching about the Fourth of July parade. Harmless candy and water balloons go with a parade like clippers in a barber shop. And last we heard, nobody has been hospitalized because of this harmless fun. As the bumper stickers say, “Relax, it’s Aspen.”

Rose: To the Aspen Art Museum for partnering with Jazz Aspen Snowmass and the Aspen Music Festival and School to become downtown’s newest music venue. The rooftop sculpture garden hosted the Django Festival Allstars for the summer’s first offing of the JAS Cafe on June 30 and July 1 and launched its (free!) weekly Music With a View chamber-music series to a standing-room-only crowd Tuesday.

Thorn: To whoever planted a Texas flag atop Shadow Mountain in late June. (Mini-rose to whoever set it on fire and kept Old Glory flying proudly alone on the peak for the Fourth of July.)

Rose: A bouquet of roses to the volunteers and participants in the 40th annual Boogie’s Buddy Race on the Fourth of July in Aspen. The race serves as an annual benefit for the Buddy Program, which works with 1,100 youngsters in the Roaring Fork Valley. More than 800 runners participated in the 2015 Boogie’s Buddy Race, assisted by hundreds of volunteers.

Thorn: To Aspen residents who live right along the free city bus routes but insist on driving their cars and trucks into downtown Aspen every day. And then they complain about parking.

Thorn: To whoever stole the baby stroller from in front of the house along Castle Creek Road. A baby stroller? Seriously? Who steals a baby stroller?

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