Editorial: Our harried newsroom offers some graduation tips | AspenTimes.com

Editorial: Our harried newsroom offers some graduation tips

With graduation season in full force, it’s that time of the year when most everyone has advice for Roaring Fork Valley seniors who soon will embark on a new life.

Likewise, the news staff at The Aspen Times has compiled our own list of suggestions for the class of 2014. We started this tradition last year, but keep in mind that this is simply advice that worked for us — most of the time.

• “Don’t be afraid to change your major five times if it means finding what truly makes you happy. Live in the present, and don’t be afraid of the future. Naps are your new best friend. Accept help/advice from those wiser than you. If you happen upon the chance, study abroad; you may never get another chance to get out of the palace and see the world — yes, I quoted Disney.”

— Megan Bauerle, class of 2009, Chase County High School, Imperial, Nebraska

• “Stay hungry and humble. Don’t do anything dumb on social media. Help others whenever you can. Take time to slow down. And most importantly, don’t get a fraternity tattoo.”

— Rick Carroll, class of 1987, Captain Shreve High School, Shreveport, Louisiana

• “When you’re riding a mountain bike on a trail frequented by cows, keep your mouth closed. When you’re riding your road bike next to a river during a spring hatch, keep your mouth closed. In everyday life, talk less and listen more.”

— Scott Condon, class of 1980, Osage High School, Osage, Iowa

• “Life is hard, but it’s also beautiful, and most people are capable of more than they realize. Remember to appreciate all you’ve got, but never start thinking that you don’t deserve or can’t achieve more.”

— Evan Gibbard, class of 1997, Basalt High School

• “It takes more effort to create than it does to destroy. So create something and be proud of it.”

— Karl Herchenroeder, class of 2006, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Wheaton, Maryland

• “Don’t limit yourself. Embrace the people you meet and the differences you learn about. Find your passion, and figure out how to make a career out of it. See things through the eyes of others. Try one new food a year.”

— Michael McLaughlin, class of 1976, Ingraham High School, Seattle

• “Keep on fighting for what you truly want. If you don’t know yet, that’s OK; give it time, try new things, be open-minded. In the end, you’ll be happiest if you figure out what makes you tick and then find a way to make that your reality.”

— Jeanne McGovern, class of 1986, Los Amigos High School, Fountain Valley, California

• “Try to live your life in the great outdoors with regard to both working and playing. Learn to fish. Listen to good music — not that electronic crap — and if you have a talent, develop it. You don’t want to get caught up in the rat race, ‘working for the man,’ as the Roy Orbison song says. If you are drawn to the business world, then pick an area that suits your lifestyle. Starting your own small business can be a good idea: Corporate employers typically are focused solely on the bottom line and will sacrifice your well-being for their profitability, leaving you with nothing but heartburn and heartache.”

— Andre Salvail, class of 1983, Loyola College Prep, Shreveport, Louisiana

• “Please go to college and see the new world. And do yourself a favor when you get to college. Study, study, study (and learn) a foreign language. Don’t just take the classes; learn the language. After all, there’s a healthy international market for bilingual ski and snowboard instructors.”

— Dale Strode, class of 1969, Glenwood Springs High School

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