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Editorial: Dos and dont’s this Fourth of July

More than anything else, today’s when we celebrate America’s independence from tyranny and reflect on the coveted freedoms that we have.

Aspen certainly will be jamming with Fourth of July festivities, so here’s a list of our advice on how to make it through the day — in one piece:

• Slow down, and take extra caution. You can’t shake a sparkler without hitting a dog, visitor or pedestrian in the downtown core, so it’s best to drive slowly or avoid driving completely. If you must drive, park in the Rio Grande Parking Garage to avoid any potential hassles.

• If you show up for the parade start at noon, you’ve showed up too late. Traditionally a noontime start, this year’s parade has been moved to 11 a.m. Our best advice is to stake out your spot no later than 10 or 10:30 a.m., but people will be camped out earlier.

• Don’t light fireworks in the backcountry.

Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water.

• Make sure to walk your bicycles in the mall. And it’s against the law to ride your bicycles on the sidewalks within the city of Aspen. This is due to safety concerns, which are particularly highlighted this busy time of the year.

• Be kind to local service workers. They’re extremely busy, but they will help you eventually. Town will be a madhouse, so check your attitude at the door.

• Aspen has an open-container law, so use your best judgment with alcohol.

• Support the local floats with hearty rounds of applause, especially our veterans and servicemen and women. They’re why we’re celebrating in the first place.

• Two recreational marijuana shops are in downtown Aspen, but that doesn’t mean you can spark a doobie in public. Our best advice, to those who feel a hankering to partake, is to do it legally in private. And if you eat an edible, be careful. Rookies need to take caution and only consume 5 to 10 milligrams on their first go. Wait an hour before trying more, and please, keep the stuff well out of the sight of children.

• Had too much to drink? Then call a taxi, or Tipsy Taxi, a free service for intoxicated motorists, at 970-920-5300. Or you can ask your bartender or service to call a ride. Today’s supposed to be a celebratory one, not one marred by a tragic accident.

• Most of all, be safe, and have fun. Happy Fourth of July to all.

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