Eckart: Let’s stay focused on end game |

Eckart: Let’s stay focused on end game

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’ve become keenly interested in the enormous Midland Avenue project since its groundbreaking a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying walking by and observing the daily progress across the bridge and intersection. 

Both the vision and the phased construction logistics are grand. No doubt it’s going to be an ugly and inconvenient beautification project for everybody who sets foot in Basalt this next year, particularly the business owners. 

But let’s stay focused on the end game. I hope the residents, neighbors, and tourists make an extra effort to support their tenacious presence as they have supported us and endured the last difficult three years.

I look forward to seeing the incremental upgrades – whether the sewer lines or the fresh pavement – take place over the coming months.

 Charlie Eckart

Chairman, Basalt Green Team