Dubé: Double down on community

Snowmass town council hopeful Matt Dube talks during Squirm Night on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022, at Snowmass Town Hall in Snowmass Village. (Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times)
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

Snowmass Village is my home. I’ve immersed myself in the community through my volunteering, whether side by side with Rotarians or as a member of our Planning Commission. 

What I find is the most satisfying experience of village life is relishing its essence — the wildness of its landscapes, small town feel, and and authenticity of its people. Learning about our history reveals a struggle ongoing since our inception about balancing resort and community. While the two threads are intertwined, I think it is time to double down on our local well-being because of the rapid escalation of economic challenges weighing on the existential aspects of our community.

I have worked to learn the issues and understand the deep causes of our challenges. I am wiling to do the homework needed to be a productive town leader. I have skills in local government, especially in land-use matters. And, perhaps most importantly, I seek to learn and remain teachable.

There is an opportunity now to position Snowmass Village for these times and those ahead.

I believe we need to guide redevelopment with a sensitivity to our skyline, fulfillment of local needs, and consideration of our carrying capacity. 

We need to take steps to make our local economy more resilient by addressing workforce housing.

I think it is important to protect our environment from inadvertent damage and to take steps to ensure our community is less vulnerable to wildfire and other catastrophic events.

While government is not the answer to every problem, I do believe that Town Council should listen to its citizens and serve as a catalyst for the success of our neighborhoods, schools, and employers.

I have received much in life: a supportive family, an education, great friends, and the opportunity to live in one of the finest mountain towns in the nation. It is my sincere wish to give back by helping Snowmass Village navigate the future stronger than ever, while preserving its valuable sense of place and community.

I would be honored to earn your trust and your vote to help lead Snowmass Village toward a future that stays close to its roots and works better its people.

Matt Dubé is one of four candidates for two openings on the Snowmass Village Town Council.