Doyle: Reason STRs are on ballots all over |

Doyle: Reason STRs are on ballots all over

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The phenomenon of short-term rentals has changed over time. What was once seen as a great option for locals and visitors alike has morphed into the equivalent of many mini hotels scattered throughout town, creating myriad problems.

It should come as no surprise that the short-term rental issue is on the ballot this Nov. 8 in 14 different municipalities and counties in Colorado.

And, while the biggest impacts are on our housing, there are other impacts to infrastructure: roads, police, and parks for starters. That is the reason that a portion of this tax will be used for Aspen’s municipal infrastructure.

It’s important to remember that this tax is paid by Aspen’s visitors.

Please vote “Yes” on 2A by Nov. 8!

John Doyle