Douglass: Whip smart, empathetic |

Douglass: Whip smart, empathetic

You know from his past term the kind of person Skippy Mesirow is: forward thinking, community focused, creative, whip smart and empathetic. He thinks about issues, and then listens carefully, explores all aspects of the problem, and thinks outside the box.

Some people simply offer platitudes about affordable housing, displaced people, and community-building. Skippy, in his typical fashion, does the research.

A decade ago, he went to Haiti with my son to study first hand the policy failures created by the global community showering money at a housing problem, but not thinking about implementation and unintended consequences. Skippy learned that when people were thrown into a situation without their input, doing what was expedient or “the usual,” the best of intentions failed. He approaches problem-solving holistically. 

Skippy is deeply committed to the Aspen community, a community he has known and loved his entire life. He plans to be there for decades to come. Aspen’s businesses, housing, environment, guest experiences, transportation, and green spaces matter to him, and to you. Experience matters. Please make sure that Aspen continues to thrive and become the most wonderful city in which to live, to work, to visit, and to be a model for other cities.

Please vote for Skippy Mesirow for City Council.

Susan Douglass

Scarsdale, New York