Dodge: Make the good work permanent |

Dodge: Make the good work permanent

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The City of Aspen has done exceptional work for many years to create and maintain marvelous parks, open spaces, trails, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, which provide priceless benefits to residents, guests, and wildlife.

Much of this good work has been funded by the city’s half-cent Open Space Sales Tax, which is up for re-authorization as a permanent tax on Nov. 8. Re-authorizing this as a permanent tax will allow this good work to continue and ensure that these benefits will be available regardless of the priorities of future decision-makers and elected officials. 

Vote yes on 2B if you value trails, open space, parks, recreation, and wildlife and want future generations to enjoy the same opportunities. 

Ben Dodge

Co-Chair, Advocacy for Open Space, Parks & Trails