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DiSalvo: Very familiar with candidates

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am very familiar with both candidates for Pitkin County sheriff. I have known one since birth and was married to the other for 12 years. Joe is my brother, and I can tell you that he should continue to serve and protect the people of Pitkin County. He was raised with a very strong work ethic, and the utmost integrity. He continues to demonstrate those values day in and day out. Joe moved here at the age of 19 and he “grew up” in the valley. He drove a bus for RFTA, was a patrol officer, detective and now sheriff without wavering from his duty. 

What skills does Buglione possess that qualifies him for the position of Pitkin County sheriff, a department he left twice, to go work for developers? Has Buglione ever taken responsibility or accountability for any indiscretions or poor decisions that put others in harm’s way? No. What is Buglione’s plan? We haven’t heard anything from Buglione’s team other than personal attacks disrespecting a man who has been faithfully serving and protecting the people of Pitkin County with civility and thoughtfulness.

Listen to the people who support Joe: those with which he currently works, those that have known Joe for years in a professional and personal capacity. He will continue to serve you with honesty, uprightness, compassion, empathy, and most of all: a huge heart.

Please vote for my brother Joe DiSalvo on Nov. 8.

Petrina DiSalvo