DiSalvo: Safety first

What is the biggest thing to keep in mind when voting for Pitkin County sheriff? Public safety!

Our Sheriff’s Office under Joe DiSalvo keeps us safe and helps us all sleep better at night knowing that if an emergency happens, they will be ready. The staff is the best it’s ever been. The team is highly-trained. They are prepared to go into action if a disaster were to occur. 

Please keep that one fact in mind when casting your vote, and don’t be swayed to change this well-oiled machine, which is meant to bring all of us peace of mind. 

During the last 12 years as sheriff, Joe has worked tirelessly building this organization to the high standard it is today and will continue to do so. 

Also, above and beyond the job of the sheriff, Joe, with his commitment and passion for helping people, has raised over $600,000 for local organizations, which he will continue through his yearly golf tournament. The Aspen Hope Center, Huts for Vets and Covid relief so far have all benefited from his fundraising efforts. He is someone who does not just talk the talk, but walks the walk. 

I would ask that you please pay attention and look at what we already have right in front of us. 

Please re-elect Joe DiSalvo on Nov. 8 to keep the office intact and our community safe.

Marcy DiSalvo