Dieter Schindler will bring open mind to Basalt Town Council |

Dieter Schindler will bring open mind to Basalt Town Council

I have known Dieter Schindler since he and my husband met at Arbaney Park while watching our young daughters, who have since become fast friends. Dieter and I also work together at Aspen Skiing Co. I can say from personal experience that in both his personal and his professional capacities, Dieter is thoughtful, organized, collaborative and forward-looking. He is committed to his family and this community.

Dieter has clearly brought his thoughtfulness to his ideas for Basalt. His focus on the needs of our youngest kids, the creation of a physical rec center and his desire to see Basalt enhance its recreational opportunities for all are a great start. Further, Dieter’s commitment to support efforts to develop reasonable, realistic, affordable housing to enhance our community will move Basalt in the right direction. But most importantly, Dieter is not the kind of person who comes to the table with his mind made up and refuses to hear other people’s points of view. To the contrary, Dieter is collaborative and always looking to learn. In my experience, he never comes into a room convinced he knows better than everyone else. Instead, he comes in eager to hear different perspectives and learn from all of them. As a member of Town Council, Dieter will listen to all of his constituents as well as the professional members of town staff before reaching his own conclusions.

Dieter is exactly the kind of person Basalt needs on Town Council to help Basalt continue to move forward. Please vote for Dieter Schindler for Basalt Town Council!

Rana Dershowitz