Diaz: Boebert’s concern for Israel

Lauren Boebert’s concern for Israel (as it is amongst many other Evangelical Christians) is motivated by little more than Laurens’s belief that the existence of Israel is integral to her biblical-based fantasy of living forever. Evangelicals believe that the Jews return to Israel starts the clock for an eventual Armageddon setting the stage for Jesus to return.

Meanwhile, 18,000 Ukrainian civilians (most of them Orthodox Christians) have died due to a Russian dictator’s unprovoked attack on another American ally. Lauren Boebert would deny aid to Ukraine as it has no significance in her religious beliefs.

Regarding Christians United for Israel, John Hagee, a pastor and a founder of CUfI, is a known anti-Semite once stating that Hitler “came from a lineage of genocidally murderous half-breed Jews,” that Jews were responsible for the Holocaust and that Hitler was sent by God. Mr. Hagee, who is also anti-Catholic (Hitler identified as a Catholic so there’s that), deeply homophobic and has stated publicly that a peace between Palestinians and Israel will be the work of the Anti-Christ. Mr. Hagee also seems to believe that Hitler was integral to driving The Jews back to Israel making for a an extraordinarily farfetched plot to insure the Rapture. Little surprise that representatives of CUFI and Lauren Boebert wouldn’t get along splendidly.

Jews are among the most Liberal groups in the United States with seven in 10 leaning Democrat. Trump called “most Jews disloyal” if they didn’t vote for him, as such it would seem that Lauren Boebert, an avid acolyte of Trump, has little friendship for Jewish people even if Israel is integral to her desire for an eternal life. Evangelicals have a long and complex relationship with Judaism with many being anti-Semitic even while supporting Israel. For evangelicals a cataclysmic war centered in Israel is central to their prophecy. It must be frustrating to be dependent on the “race” that you believe killed Jesus for playing a starring role in the guarantee of your afterlife.

Marco Diaz