Dennis: Enough with the ant’s bite |

Dennis: Enough with the ant’s bite

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Just a quick note to let you know that Sunday, March 12, will officially be the last day I read The Aspen Times.

The publication’s journalistic quality has certainly taken a big hit since it was sold to Ogden, but that you chose to run the Elizabeth Milias column was the last straw for me. While she is absolutely entitled to her opinions, this piece was so filled with personal divisive hate toward another human being that I have lost all hope that you have any integrity around what comes out in your paper.

I did not always agree with Skippy’s views and approach, but he does not deserve such a vapid, senseless rant.

Ms. Milias’ inappropriate, sophomoric end-zone victory dance about Skippy’s City Council loss should never have been allowed to appear in your paper. Good luck moving forward. You’ll definitely need it.

Bob Dennis