DeAngelo: County should run FBO |

DeAngelo: County should run FBO

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I wanted to echo the sentiment expressed in other letters to the editor recently:

Pitkin County can and should take over the operation of the FBO. This has been done in other cities similar to ours, such as the municipal-run Matha’s Vineyard FBO and Jackson Hole. 

By some estimates, this contract is worth $1 billion over the next 30 years. An essay by Amory Lovins breaks down the estimated financials of the FBO. We need to ensure that this decision is made carefully, and the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners needs to step up.

This money can stay local, benefit our community, and create jobs (instead of supporting some huge hedge fund). The management of the FBO is not overly complex, and certain functions can easily be outsourced to specialized contractors.

My father ran the FBO for 20-plus years and vigorously maintains the position that the county should take over the operation, especially if it is going to continue to be a monopoly.

As he says, “It is just a highly-lucrative gas station!” With this knowledge and our county’s ingenuity … this should be an easy decision for our community.

Cecily DeAngelo 

Snowmass Village