Curtin: A choice to make for mayor |

Curtin: A choice to make for mayor

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

OK, Aspenites, you have a choice to make. This year’s mayor’s election is a clear choice with two different candidates.

On one side is a Berkshire Hathaway real-estate agent who hasn’t been involved in local issues, doesn’t know the facts, and has only attended a few council meetings. This candidate wants to rent out your homes for her company profit and not pay for the impacts to the community.

The other candidate and the best choice for mayor is Torre, a two-term council person and the current mayor. He has always fought for improving housing, the environment, locals and local business, and building a stronger community. His grasp of the nuances of the city’s function has evolved and matured, and he has been effective as Aspen’s mayor. He listens to his constituents. He is very reachable and responsive.

Don’t be fooled by the baseless smear campaign coming from the challenger’s out-of-town team. Vote for Torre for mayor, and put him back to work for all of Aspen!

Kevin Curtin

Jacksonville, Florida