Cunningham: Buglione best choice now |

Cunningham: Buglione best choice now

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are current residents of the Roaring Fork Valley who travel into Pitkin County regularly. As long-time residents, we have had occasional encounters with the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office over the past 50 years. We can always depend on the Sheriff’s Office for considerate contact. 

We are writing to express our support for Michael Buglione as the next Pitkin County sheriff. 

Although any contact with Joe DiSalvo has been polite, it appears he has split attention. Joe has his eye on new horizons. And, rightfully so. He has served Pitkin County for many years. Now, it seems his attention is on other matters. 

We believe Michael Buglione will serve this valley and Pitkin County with a sole focus on compassionate law enforcement, housing for deputies in Pitkin County and building a vibrant community for our valley and the deputies that serve Pitkin County.

His undivided attention is necessary and important now. Let’s give him a chance to work through the issues surrounding the jail and housing for deputies.

Michael has practical solutions for all of these challenges and more than enough focus and skill to succeed. 

Murray and Claudia Cunningham