Cruz: Thank you, Mike Kaplan |

Cruz: Thank you, Mike Kaplan

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

When I read Mike Kaplan’s final letter to all Skico employees, it brought tears to my eyes. I hope he realizes how many people respect and care for him. The entire town, as well as the skiing company, will miss his presence and character, and we hope to see him around enjoying his life. 

I knew him when he was just a mere ski instructor at Snowmass. He got to know everyone and worked hard, learning the ropes, and obtaining the well-deserved CEO position some time ago.

He has the uncanny ability to give each person 100% of his attention and actually listen and follow up on comments and suggestions. He is always respectful and positive. His friendly demeanor and patience in a very difficult job is very impressive and should serve as a model for all those in management.

What CEO busses tables, loads lifts, serves food, and also remembers the names of every employee? 

I wish Mike the very best in the future and thank him for all his hard work throughout these many years.

Catalina Cruz