Cross: God save us

Mr. Brod suggests that we give up meat to save the planet. The creator God was in error when he gave us sheep, fish, and beef to eat?

Yes, Adam and Eve were vegetarians, but when they ignored God’s command (sin), things changed, and animal meat became a staple in our diets.

This planet will not be saved by any human effort, though we have come a long way in being good caretakers of what we have been given.

The New Testament Book of Revelation reveals that the existing planet is replaced with a new earth. He, the creator is sovereign and cares for us and has given us the resources for all 7.5 billion of us to live on Earth.

We need to be thankful to him and carefully use those resources, but saving the planet is not within man’s power. Psychologists will affirm that we cannot even save ourselves.

Robert Cross

Fort Hood, Texas