Cross: Centennial owners

Anthony is a sheriff’s deputy
Russell and Randy, ride in the ambi
First responders all
They come when you call

Mary and Patty work at the Senior Center
Where Judy sometimes volunteers
Helping out our elderly
In their waning years

Marilyn and Marcel work in restaurants
Along with Jeff and Phil
Tamar manages property
As does Dios, Beau and Will
Rose sells wine, Amber has a store
Annie and Linda keep us fit
With pilates on the floor

Sara and Andrea have cute young babies
With another coming in June
Jere is our oldest
Will be 86 pretty soon

Just a few of the owners
At Centennial, on the hill
We need to keep it standing
Find a way to pay the bill
We need to rebuild our buildings
Or surely they will fall

Would be such a tragedy
For young and old, and all
So come on City Council
Find a way to fund the fix
A better use of taxes
Than endless legal tricks

Ed Cross