Coursey: I’d like to know, too |

Coursey: I’d like to know, too

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Thank you for the Milias columns drawing attention to the need for the housing authority to clarify their policies regarding retirement, remote work, repairs and maintenance, as well as size of homes (number of bedrooms).

Retirees provide continuity to a community. Every government agency subsidizing housing in the Roaring Fork Valley needs to have a current database of their capital assets and plans to enforce scheduled maintenance to avoid expensive or delayed repairs.

As a taxpayer, I’d like to know: What is the plan regarding a roof not replaced because the cost would eat into the 3% appreciation gain? What is the plan when empty nesters or retirees become a couple and then a single living in a three-bedroom or two-bedroom home? Tax dollars are precious and rare, and the needs many.

Gentle reader, if you participate in one of the many, many committees or agencies involved in this topic, now is the time to make explicit and measurable goals, to make public the asset base and occupancy, and to develop and broadcast these policies, so they may be fairly administered, and so that current and future tenants and owners can plan to meet their responsibilities. 

Jay Coursey