Connect!: Thanks for support, help |

Connect!: Thanks for support, help

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

During this season of giving thanks, Connect! would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and acknowledge our many supporters. Because of them, we are able to ensure the viability, sustainability, and growth of the program. (Connect! is a unique social, emotional, and ethical after-school program for elementary-aged children.)

First, we would like to recognize and thank the following organizations, institutions, and
foundations for granting us funds essential to our ongoing success: Pitkin County, The Rotary Club of Aspen, The Aspen Thrift Shop, WHH Foundation, Aspen Family Connections, and PWS Memorial Foundation.

Next, we would like to acknowledge and thank those from whom we received in-kind services or goods: Betsy Ann Anastas, Leanna Bonds, Michael Bonds, Diane Godfrey, Ward Hauenstein, Mick Ireland, Aspen Chapel, Aspen School District, Clark’s Market, and program volunteers Liz Bokram, Ben Clark, Lauren Kinney, Carolina Lozano, Noey Von Stocken, and Addie Waters.

Also, we would like to extend our gratitude to our loyal friends, family, neighbors, and board members who continue to support Connect! financially. A huge expression of gratitude goes to our amazing teachers Barbara Bloemsma, Steven Crooke, Carolyn Fields, and Heather Rydell, who work their magic each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Finally, we would like to thank the parents who entrust their precious children to us. Without these wonderful children, we would have no program!

Thank you all for recognizing the importance of this program and supporting it, so we can nurture compassionate, resilient, and strong children as they develop healthy connections to self, others, and the world. They are our future.

Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Thank you.

Elaine Bonds and Mimi Hauenstein

Executive Directors of Connect!