You’re a quiz fanatic: True or false? |

You’re a quiz fanatic: True or false?

Are you obsessed with taking quizzes? Take the following quiz and find out.1. When taking a quiz, multiple-choice questions are my favorite:TrueFalse2. I prefer true/false questions on my quizzes because:1) 50/50 chance.2) You can flip a coin.3) Only two things to choose from.4) They don’t give you that bulls–t “all of the above” option.5) All of the above.3. While taking quizzes, I like to:1) Imagine myself taking a quiz.2) Imagine myself taking a quiz – naked.3) Use a pen rather than a pencil, because that makes it so much more exciting.4) Revel in my good fortune at being able to take a quiz, while simultaneously counting down the seconds until I can take my next quiz, because I really, really likes taking me some quizzes.4. Fill in the blank: “I have used quiz-taking as a substitute for —- …”1) Food.2) Certain primal “needs.”3) Blood.4) The natural flow of oxygen through the body.5. On a scale of 1-10, rate how you feel about each of the following letters:A -B -C – D -6. Word find. There is a word hidden in the following jumble of letters – can you find it?Xxxxxhixxxxx7. Can you imagine what your life could have been like had you spent less time doing quizzes (including this one) and more time doing anything else?TrueFalse8. On a scale of A-J, rate how you feel about the following numbers:1 -2 -3 -4 -9. Complete the following: “My kingdom for a —–.”1) No. 2 pencil.2) What’s to complete? It looks fine to me.3) Passable knowledge of Shakespeare, enough to be able to throw out a quote every now and then so that people think I’m smart.4) Bigger, more modern kingdom, one with a hot tub.10. A train leaves Philadelphia carrying five apples, and it gives Billy two of them. How long ago did quiz-related jokes involving trains leaving stations and Billy’s apples stop being funny?1) less than one year2) one to three years3) three to five years4) I still think they’re funny.5) All of the above.11. Rearrange these letters to form a new sentence.1) Generator malcontents hereafter sweeteners.2) Teenagers watermelon consenters thereafter.3) Telemeter consonants regenerate freshwater.4) Sweethearts freestone electron arrangement.5) The Battle of Lexington and Concord.12. How many times do you need to say the word “quiz” aloud before it starts to sound weird?1) one to 102) 11-203) 21-304) more than 305) Weird? “Quiz?” Never. I’ve named all of my pets “Quiz.” One of them is a bird who squawks “QUIZ” all day long.13. Which of the following words would never be used in real life, but would only be found as the possible answers in a vocabulary quiz:1) Raillery2) Nugatory3) Phillumenist4) Callithump5) Man, I love quizzes. Seriously, though.SCORING: Give yourself a variety of points based on the answers you have given above. Total them up, attach significance to the resulting number, and proceed to feel either good or bad about yourself, depending on what you think this number means about you. Enjoy!

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Sean Beckwith: Days of future pow


I, and so many people, are exhausted by the fear-mongering over the future of Aspen. You can’t open a newspaper in a Colorado ski town without reading headlines about labor shortages and overcrowding.

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