You can’t get there from here |

You can’t get there from here

Janet Urquhart

I skipped the concert on Fanny Hill last night. I just didn’t have 90 minutes to get to Snowmass.A week ago, I tried to do the right thing, what with most of the parking in Snowmass converted to mounds of dirt. “Take the bus” was the word on the street, so I took the bus. Never trust the word on the street when the street is clogged.I left my home in Aspen at 4:30 in the afternoon and arrived in Snowmass at nearly 6:30 p.m. So much for alternative transportation.I walked to Rubey Park, where I missed the 4:45 headed downvalley because I was standing around at the window, trying to buy a punch pass. The RFTA guy said the next bus wouldn’t leave ’til 5:15 p.m., but it’s a good thing I got on the bus parked outside, because it left at 5 p.m. It got as far as the Sardy House before all forward movement ceased. Some 45 minutes later, we pulled into the park-and-ride lot at Brush Creek Road.There, the concert-bound boarded another bus headed to Snowmass, because there were no direct buses from Aspen to Snowmass. Why would anyone want to schedule one or two of those on a night when everyone’s headed to Snowmass?I grabbed a seat on the Snowmass-bound bus, which wasn’t going anywhere soon. Apparently, the driver was under strict orders to wait for the next bus coming out of Aspen, which was, of course, stuck in traffic. The weird thing was, no one from that bus was going to squeeze onto ours anyway, as it was already full of increasingly disgruntled passengers. I’m glad I wasn’t the bus driver. I felt sorry for the guy.We finally headed up Brush Creek, cheering at our departure, when a couple of Snowmass shuttles arrived at the lot to handle the connection with the yet-to-appear transport inching out of Aspen.When I arrived at Fanny Hill, I was surprised to find the grass sparsely populated with blankets for the first concert of the season on a perfect summer evening. The grass was packed by the time the music ended, though. I gather most people missed a chunk of the show, stuck as they were somewhere on Main Street/Highway 82.Of course, had I driven my car, I’d have been stuck in the crawling queue of vehicles just like the buses. And, there’d be the parking hassles once I got to Snowmass, now that the base lot is history.Yes, the only real solution is to move Snowmass to Aspen. Not the village, just the good parts. Hold those Fanny Hill concerts on Aspen Mountain so we don’t have to go near the traffic jam. The Snowmass people (someone must actually live there) can come to Aspen. They’ll be doing the reverse commute – no traffic jam coming upvalley in the afternoon – so the drive will be a breeze.Or, they can take the bus.Janet Urquhart could ride a bike to Snowmass in 90 minutes, if she was in better shape. Her e-mail address is

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