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Who’s the real dummy?

Aspen Times columnist Roger Marolt stirred up readers with his Nov. 17 column, “Skiing for Dummies,” which took a swipe at Skiing magazine and its apparent nod of approval to ducking a ski-boundary rope.

Readers continued posting responses to the column at http://www.aspentimes.com for much of last week.

One had this to say:

And, there was this:

Offered another:

Finally, someone countered:

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Arts and entertainment editor Stewart Oksenhorn’s review of “Shortbus,” which returns to the Wheeler Opera House screen this week, sparked this observation:

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The Nov. 17 article, “Phony police letter an inside job,” also sparked a string of reader comment.

Said one:

Such a shame that an Aspen Times writer ( Joel Stonington) can be played like a fine tuned fiddle by a fake letter writer, slamming the integrity of a Pitkin Deputy, then attempting to cast the story as a ‘who-dun-it’, instead of apologizing for giving the article legs to begin with. Aspen Times windows should read “SPIN DOCTOR AT WORK”.

There was also this:

And this:

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