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What about compassion?

Last weeks fatal accident on Highway 82, which left two immigrants dead and resulted in a host of charges against a truck driver who was blamed for the accident, fueled plenty of comment among online readers of The Aspen Times.Much of the reaction came in response to remarks like this one:Well thats ONE way to enforce illegal immigration!Bring back killer 82….Countered one reader:Being Hispanic doesn’t make you illegal, dumbass!! the article doesn’t make any reference to the immigration status of those individuals (may God be with their families). Ignorant, empty-headed people like you always assume that being Hispanic makes you illegal. Just so you can learn something useful, Colorado was part of the Spanish territories, you can expect to see Hispanic names. You want back killer 82? You may be the next victim. Then came this response:Lets see, No ID, No insurance papers and no registration, Sounds and snells like an illegal to me.Better them than me.At least i have the right to be here.Hey, the View is on, shouldnt you be running to watch it…….Damn I wish this race war would hurry up and get here.There was also this observation:Not to sound insensitive, but who is paying for the bodies to be sent to Mexico, the cost of the emergency crews, ambulances, trip to St. Mary’s, ICU care, funeral costs, etc.? Most likely the taxpayers…END ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!Plenty of responses followed:Christ, have some compassion. These are people with loved ones. And, this could have happened to any of us.And this:I hope that you never have to have this kind of pain in your life. I also hope that your heartless words will never come back to haunt you. Having to pay for illegal immigration sucks for everyone, but it is something in this country that can be fixed but is always overlooked. I would like to point out that both of the victims have family here and in their native countries (El Salvador & Mexico just because you are brown doesent mean you are from Mexico) so Im sure that the families will be paying funeral costs along with a donation account that has been set up. The word donation means that you gift your money to someone or on somethings behalf. I dont believe that they will tap into your taxes to fund the donation accounts. They also both died so there goes your worry about hospital bills. The young man that lived has parents here and family. You sound pretty ignorant making accusations that you have no foundation to make. Did you run an immigration check on him do you know his status? Do you know if he has insurance or not? The real problem here is the children that lost their mother and the mothers that lost their children. Race has nothing to do with that and in the end you should just be honest. Instead of writing a comment as you did you should just plainly say Im a racist, I defiantly dont like brown people, and I dont like or respect anyone but people that look and act like me. If this had happened to three white families Im sure your comment would have been much different.Then came this:Well, if being against illegals is racist I am proud to say I am!!! Why is it that when anyone questions the massive influx of brown people (your words, not mine) that labels them a racist? I should just embrace the invasion? Meanwhile, there was this:Did I miss something here? Where does it say these people were illegal immigrants? I would be happy to contribute to buy you a one way ticket to El Salvador.And:This is all very sad. We all need to slow down on snow covered 82 as well. I know Ive been guilty of going too fast to get to some false deadline. Ill be donating at City Market to help these two little kids.But, then came this:2 down, 20 million more to go. I don’t care if they voluntarily go, or if we have to ship them back in body bags. They have NO right to be here, period. Readers at aspentimes.com may comment on any article by clicking on Comments at the top of the story. Comments chosen for publication here appear as they were written, without editing or correction.

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