Various topics tick off readers |

Various topics tick off readers

Aspen, CO Colorado

Everything from Chris Davenport’s feat (skiing all of Colorado’s fourteeners in a calendar year) to a fired police officer and the work of Aspen Times columnists spurred comment last week from online readers of the Times.

Last week’s online poll, which asked readers what Aspen should do when the current contract to host the Winter X Games expires after the 2010 games, also provoked comment (and an observation about Mary Eshbaugh Hayes’ Around Aspen column in the Times Weekly).

Advised a reader:

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Regarding Davenport’s successful finish of his quest, a reader offered this:

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Aspen City Manager Steve Barwick’s actions in a case involving a fired police officer also sparked comment:

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In response to the musings of Times columnist Carolyn Sackariason (“How odd, Aspen, how odd,” Jan. 23), one reader said:

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And, regarding the ongoing issues with the CRJ-700 jet and barometric pressure in Aspen (the source of another Sackariason observation), one reader digressed:

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