Vardy: A great investment |

Vardy: A great investment

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is easy to feel grateful this time of year that we live in such a beautiful place. The view planes, the mountains, the colors, the beauty is so much to take in it almost feels unreal.

But what is often overlooked is that the view planes and pristine beauty are not simply available to us by chance, but by deliberate and thoughtful conservation measures pioneered by our local and regional public land agencies. In Aspen, this, in addition to many of the exceptional places we get to play in, are thanks to the Open Space and Trails Program. Many do not realize this program is predominantly funded by a half-cent sales tax, and that sales tax is on the ballot this November! 

Please join me in voting to renew it in perpetuity. 

While I love and spend most of my free time at the John Denver Sanctuary, North Star Preserve, and Sky Mountain Park, my greatest relationship to land that is made public by the sales tax is Cozy Point Ranch, where the organization I work for (The Farm Collaborative) grows food for our community and hosts programming for our youth. Without this sales tax, all of these places could go away. 

It is not often that we can take a simple action that will make tremendous ripples for countless generations in our future. We are lucky to have that option now. By voting “yes” on the half-cent sales tax renewal we can guarantee these public treasures are conserved and stay public not just for us, but for our grandchildren’s children.

Of all the important issues on the ballot this November, this simple decision may be the one with the longest-term positive impact. Please join me in voting “yes” on ballot issue 2B.

Eden Vardy