Valley transit creates online fodder |

Valley transit creates online fodder

This week if it was about cars, Highway 82, parking, traffic or transportation in general, our online readers had opinions.Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland, for example, wrote us a letter arguing the points of increased paid parking in Aspen as a disincentive for car use. In came these responses:Dear Mick,I was born in 1980 and have lived here in Aspen my whole life. Since the day I graduated highschool I have felt like the city wants me to leave. It is very hard to make ends meet in this valley and it does not help when the message sent by the local government insists that my existance is a negative presence in our local society. I work in the construction field and am frankley sick of being treated like a second class citizen. I believe that I am discriminated against because of my line of work and this discrimination is very discouraging. I love Aspen and I feel that I contribute to Aspens future. Cities evolve in the same way that an organism does. They grow and adapt to the changing world. I work hard everyday to ensure the buildings constructed today will stand for the next one hundred years. In return I am told that I am a cancer on our town, the town in which I was born. I love Aspen as do you. Please understand that this is not your town but our town.Sincerely,Aspens Inferior Construction CommunityWhich, in turn, got this response:Go back where you came from fool!! Micks done more for this community than losers like YOU!!And then there was this idea:No the real answer is to raise taxes to provide free parking.Which led to this:Sounds like Big Brother: register the workers and make them park in the garage. And who will enforce that? And how much will those workers pay? is that a benefit to them? Or do we raise other taxes to ensure that woirkers park where they are supposed to/Time for Roundabasalts?Basalt is studying whether installing roundabouts in town would help deal with pedestrian safety and increases in traffic. In response to an article a few readers chimed in:I hope the Town Council and Basalt residents investigate how roundabouts will effect pedestrian traffic. How would pedestrians cross at 82 or Willits/E. Valley? There has to be a clear and controlled crossing path for people!Which earned this response:Uhhh there is, its called the crosswalk. If people are too stupid to not use it and just run out into traffic, well…there is a thing called survival of the fittest. Maybe they should exercise their brain and not cross a highway without using a crosswalk…And finally, there was this:Oh yeah! Hire a company whose business is roundabouts…what a way to reach a forced and biased conclusion. OK, ready? Think, The Simpsons: Monorail, Monorail, MONORAIL!!!Are the friendly skies very safe?Aspen-based AEXJet filed for bankruptcy recently, news that got this respose:One of the first things that bankrupt airlines do is to cut corners on maintenance. If they cant pay their bills, then you have to wonder, what other sleazy things are they up too. The question then becomes… How much is your life worth?Jon Silverretired airline pilotOne downvalley resident, no voteIn a Sept. 18 letter to the editor, a reader and downvalley resident questioned the logic of being affected by upvalley traffic while not being able to vote on traffic issues meant for Aspen residents. There came a few respones:City Council is working on building more affordable housing in the city limits so those who work in Aspen can live in Aspen alleviating the need for downvalley whining about the traffic and the entrance to Aspen. Wouldnt you prefer to live in the same community that you work in?And then there was this:Put a cork in it.You dont live in Aspen, and thats all there is to it. We are here, because we belong here, and you are not, because you dont.We are going to solve your problem for you, by making it completely untenable for you to visit her at all. The next time you decide to drive to Aspen, you will find that weve installed parking meters on every square inch of land in town, including all residential areas, and weve jacked the parking fees through the roof.The idea is to discourage visitors like you from contaminating the landscape with your tacky down-valley self.If you dont like the current entrance congestion, stay away. Play in Snowmass, Carbondale, or Glenwood, where you belong.Our Mayor, Mick Ireland, knows how to keep you flies off the Aspen picnic table, and hes going about it the right way.And last, there was this:The Entrance alignment is planned for city owned Open Space. the4 Open Space was acquired with city funds and a public vote is required to change its use. Do you think it would be appropriate for CDOT to put a highway in against the will of the city voters under those circumstances?Killer cell phonesA reader wrote a letter that we printed on Sept. 17 about cell phone towers being health risks. To that, there was this response:Theres nothing for it, at this point, but to live in a lead-lined bunker.Were all going to die!(Aiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!)