Urban growth a good thing?

Basalt’s urban growth boundary, those glossy real estate ads that are often folded into local newspapers, the firing of a 7-Eleven clerk in Basalt and more garnered comment from online readers of The Aspen Times last week.

The Basalt Town Council’s decision Wednesday to stick with a rigid growth boundary that excludes Sopris Chase ” a proposed project that would include affordable housing ” didn’t sit well with some readers who took time to post comments at Wrote one:

Echoed another reader:

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Various letters to the editor and articles regarding the shooting incident at the Basalt 7-Eleven, and the subsequent firing of clerk Bruno Kirchenwitz for what a 7-Eleven spokesperson said was an unrelated reason, continued to garner comment. Kirchenwitz wore a U.S. Border Patrol cap to and from work, sparking threats from two Latino men during a verbal altercation; the shooting, which may have been related, occurred after Kirchenwitz had left work. No one was hurt.

Several readers expressed displeasure from the convenience store chain. There was this, for example:

Said another, in part:

Another observed:

Offered yet another reader:

There was also this:

But, there was also this point of view:

That comment elicited this response:

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Glossy advertisements inside or wrapped around The Aspen Times prompted letters from complaint, and online comment:

Offered another:

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