Truden nay, Smith hooray |

Truden nay, Smith hooray

Su Lum

There’s only a couple of weeks left to sign District Attorney Colleen Truden’s recall petitions, so get cracking. Exactly 5,455 valid signatures are needed, which means about 8,000 must be gathered, because you know how sloppy we are, and if the printed names are illegible, or you put the county in the date box, they will be thrown out as sure as sure can be.In Aspen, here are some places where you can find petitions:1. The Hair Company, the salon above what used to be Aspen Drug on the Hyman Avenue mall at Galena, with the bright blue trim. Some kind of timeshare operation is now in the Aspen Drug spot.2. Gracy’s, which has moved to 312 E. Hyman between the old doomed Mother Lode and (long may it live) the Crystal Palace.3. Main Street Bakery on (duh) Main Street, next to Paepcke Park.4. Petitioners will be at the Aspen Community Picnic in Paepcke Park today, Wednesday, starting at 5 p.m.5. Also today, there will be a meeting at the Woody Creek Store starting at 6 p.m., where you can sign petitions, volunteer to distribute them and learn about the issues.6. Tony Hershey will be collecting signatures on the Hyman Avenue mall on Thursday and Friday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and you can get his story straight from the horse’s mouth. He was hand-picked by Colleen Truden and valiantly refused to say a word against her until he had HAD IT with her abuse and paranoia.7. Carla Peltonen has petitions; call her at 925-2584.8. I have them and can be tracked down at 925-7839, or stop me in the street.Incredibly, the saga gets worse and worse. Katherine Steers just resigned, the seventh prosecutor to leave Truden’s office, another hand-picked deputy D.A. Eleven employees have fled this sinking ship, seven of them prosecutors, and no one is at the helm unless you count Truden, who has clearly lost control of her crew.The way the recall works is this: If enough signatures are gathered, you will be asked to vote for (yes) or against (no) Truden’s recall. The second question will be to vote for the candidate(s) running for D.A. in the event of Truden’s recall.If the “no” votes win, Truden stays in office. If the “yes” votes win, she is recalled and whoever gets the most votes to replace her (Truden cannot be a candidate) will become the new district attorney. The only announced candidate so far is Martin Beeson, one of the seven prosecutors who resigned. ***On a happier note, our own columnist Barry Smith has had great success bringing “Jesus in Montana” to New York City. He got excellent reviews in The New York Times and New York magazine, and recently walked away with the award for Outstanding Solo Performance in a field of 184 at the prestigious New York International Fringe Festival. Way to go, Barry! I knew he was a genius when I first heard his local group’s show, “Flicker Noise,” on KAJX years ago.Su Lum is a longtime local who knows a bad thing and a good thing when she sees it. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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