Todd Hartley: I’m with Stupid |

Todd Hartley: I’m with Stupid

Todd Hartley
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

Who would it be worse to be compared to, Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe, or Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and the Antichrist?

Well, if you believe the Republican Party, it’s an unspeakable atrocity to compare their guy to two homicidal megalomaniacs, but it’s fine to compare someone else to two annoying megalomaniacs and the destroyer of mankind, and blame him for the price of oil, to boot.

Madonna likened John McCain to Hitler and Mugabe recently in a concert video for a song called “Get Stupid” during her new “Sticky and Sweet” world tour, and the cries of indignation were loud and immediate.

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign, said, “The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time. … It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.”

This from the party that brought you the Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry, an ad comparing Barack Obama to Paris and Britney that they claim was meant to be humorous, and another ad making the assertion that it’s all Obama’s fault that we’re getting raped at the gas station.

It’s apparently also all right to sneak Obama’s name into a condemnation of something that had nothing to do with him. Do you really think Obama would approve of Madonna’s video, Tucker, or are you just saying his name to try to smear him by association?

Obviously, it is the height of poor taste to compare anyone but Stalin and Pol Pot to Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe, particularly a decorated war hero like McCain, and the Democratic Party made sure to distance itself from the controversy.

Making the comparison of McCain to Hitler and Mugabe is “stupid, and it’s wrong,” said Democratic Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia. I’m quite sure that Barack Obama shares that opinion. The Democrats are doing the right thing and defending McCain, as anyone would expect them to.

So why is it that the Republican Party has yet to denounce the insipid rumor that Obama is the Antichrist?

This moronic notion holds that the Book of Revelation describes the Antichrist as “a man, in his 40s, of Muslim descent.” Nowhere in the Book of Revelation or anywhere else in the Bible does it say any such thing.

The idea that anyone would actually believe something so idiotic is beyond me, but apparently that hasn’t stopped a growing segment of the Christian population from plastering it all over the Internet like it’s the gospel.

Not only did John McCain’s campaign not condemn this slanderous talk, but one of his chief media people actually put out a video mockingly referring to Obama as “The One.” The video features imagery evoking a reference to the Antichrist in the Book of Daniel and borrows language from the “Left Behind” series of books, which are about the end times and an Antichrist who appears to the world as a charismatic young politician.

It’s fair game, though, to compare Obama to the root of all evil, because he wasn’t a POW, but don’t you dare make a disparaging remark about John McCain, even if it’s to rightfully ask how having been a POW necessarily makes John McCain more fit to be Commander in Chief.

While I think we can all agree that Madonna stepped over the line on this occasion, I nevertheless applaud her for an absolutely brilliant maneuver. She’s long been one of savviest businesswomen on the planet, and this time she’s hit one out of the park.

The McCain campaign can denounce the video all they want, but ultimately, the comparison was made, and people know about it. It’ll always be in the back of their minds whether they agree with it or disagree.

The Obama campaign, which I’m sure no one with half a brain would assume had anything to do with Madonna’s video, gets to appear magnanimous by swiftly condemning the offending material.

And Madonna, as usual, is the biggest winner of all. I’ll reckon most of you out there, myself included, had no idea she was still making music, let alone embarking on a world tour. Now everyone knows, and as much as people might slam Madonna for her video, you know tons of them are going to go to her lame concert just to see it.

Brilliant! Touche, Material Girl, touche.

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