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Tired of all the Angry White Men

Roger Marolt
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

I’m tired of the Angry White Man. I have digested his bitch that recently has gained local and national attention. I recognize him. He is as real as he is ridiculous.

He is a golf pro making a living under California’s sun, complaining that he is misunderstood, underrepresented and getting screwed at every turn. He hunts for hobby. He drives a nice truck. He’s proud of shouldering the load; he boasts to everyone of working hard, paying his taxes, taking care of his family, and then uses these noble acts as weapons to fire against single mothers, children of illegal immigrants, gays, the homeless and anyone else who might supplant him as having a more difficult struggle in life.

His definitions of “wealth” and “comfort” have become so skewed by habitually comparing himself to the successful people he thinks he should be but for “the system” which has held him back, that he has little understanding that he is rich beyond most of the rest of the world’s comprehension. His view of the American dream is centered on ideals only to the extent that he can use them to accumulate what is by right his, and only his.

Although he complains of having nothing, he is worried senseless that others less fortunate than he are plotting to take it away from him.

Through this incongruent world view, he has failed to recognize that through life there runs a common wire. It carries the current that lights the lamp of all human existence. The lamp allows us to see each other and our world. It allows us to determine what is real and what is important. Angry White Man believes that the current is hurting him. He doesn’t know how harsh it can be. It kills in many more exposed places along its vast length.

The insulation against the current running through the wire is money. Angry White Man has no idea how much he has. Currency wraps itself around the wire and dissipates its charge. Bogged down in problems born of his own creation, self-absorbed imagination and his insatiable desire of achieving “the dream,” the shock he feels barely is a sensation that he has blown his pitiful depictions completely out of proportion.

The poor man, the immigrant, the laborer, the Iraqi father who never will feel the lush coolness of a manicured fairway, who has little insulation against the current, feels life strongly. He knows the value of a meager meal. He understands there is nothing more precious than a child’s security. He sees that the Earth gives and takes. He knows its beauty. He also respects its fury. He always fears the next authentic charge coming through the wire. Will this be the one he cannot endure? At times he might doubt there is a God, but he will return to his spirituality because it is his one hope.

The Angry White Man is protected. He barely feels the surges. He knows comfort by its lack of pain. He is not connected with the Earth. He underestimates its power and beauty while overestimating his own. He knows not from experience who or what occupies the land or sea except where he stands. He sees the world from a distance. He feels mighty compared to the paucity of power around him, and he works to keep it that way. He might not believe there is a God, but invents one to justify his egocentric creed.

Every now and then, someone lets go of the wire, maybe because the current is overwhelming. Or, as in Angry White Man’s case, he becomes so weak there is no compelling reason to hang on. Whatever the reason, it is a mistake to let go. Once disconnected it is impossible to know what others feel. Actions are suggested without regard to consequence. Mistakes in judgment become habitual. Compassion is lost.

Because of the sometimes-painful effect of the current, Angry White Man has been seduced by the temporary comfort another layer of insulation promises. What he fails to see is that this extra protection might cut off the current and dim the light of life for him, making it difficult to see. The fires of ingenuity, creativity and possibly even brilliance have been extinguished by this insulation layered too thickly. After this, Angry White Man is left to parrot words he has heard that will not survive in great art, literature or music ” counterfeit words of the true ideals which his nation was founded upon. His message is ugly and based with nothing to say toward the betterment of mankind.

On the other hand, the impoverished, actual suffering human beings, those maligned by Angry White Man and cast as the enemy, if not blinded by too much suffering, see life more clearly than he. Angry White Man is left wandering in the dark. The enlightened see there is nothing to lose, and so they struggle not to keep it. Angry White Man does not see he has nothing more. In the dark shadows cast from a weak light, only the illusion of things that assure comfort, security and immortality are viewed.

My suggestion to the aspiring Angry White Man is to find the common wire. Protect yourself enough from its ravaging current, but avoid the isolation of contrived morals. Grab it with both hands and hold on next to your fellow man. Grip tightly, even through the threshold of fear tells you to reach for a less exposed length or to let go. Use your strength against the pain, not to cause more for others. Do not strive to insulate yourself from all anguish. Pain is a part of life, and if you do not experience it you will not have lived. Do not shield your eyes if the light burns brightly. Move toward it and look at what it illuminates. You no longer will be afraid because now you will see.

There is comfort in being a compassionate human being.

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