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Tinseltown … and the next president

It’s been a significant few weeks in the race for the White House as Hollywood celebrities have come out in droves to support their favorite presidential candidates.

Hoping to gain some ground on the double-digit lead Hillary Clinton lords over him in the polls, Barack Obama was tickled when it was revealed on Monday that Oprah Winfrey will go the distance to support his presidential aspirations. While she’s not donating any of her billion-dollar plus fortune to the junior senator from Illinois ” telling Larry King modestly, “I think that my value to him, my support of him, is probably worth more than any check” ” she will stump for him later this month in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire.

After sales of the Ugg Crochet Boot and Breville Ikon Panini Press skyrocketed last month following the annual “Favorite Things” edition of her daily TV show, the Obama camp is crossing its fingers that Oprah’s show of delight for him will do the same for his poll numbers. Some campaign staffers, however, are privately hoping Oprah’s fans don’t follow her lead to a T, as it has been reported that the Chicago Board of Elections cites 1988 as the last year the talkshow queen actually voted in a presidential primary.

Still, if Oprah’s support fails to boost Obama’s following, he still has the seal of approval from such luminaries as Emilio Estevez, Laurence Fishburne and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Democratic activist Barbara Streisand announced on Tuesday her endorsement of Hillary Clinton. The Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner has been a longtime Clinton ally, performing at President Bill Clinton’s inaugural gala in 1993. It remains to be seen, though, if the friendship will continue to flourish when the “Yentl” star finds out that Hillary’s official campaign song, “You and I,” is performed by Canadian shiksa Celine Dion.

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak recently came out in support of Republican candidate Fred Thompson. On the “Sajak Says” page on his website, the game show host gushes, “I find myself rooting for him … [because] he drives the mainstream media crazy by paying absolutely no attention to them.” No word on which candidate Vanna White plans to endorse in the race, although campaign staffers for John Edwards said the professional letter turner has tentatively agreed to campaign for the former North Carolina senator as long as he agrees to share his teeth whitening secrets and let her run her fingers through his impressively thick head of hair.

Other superstars lending their names to Sen. Edwards’ campaign include comedian Robert Wuhl, former “China Beach” actress Dana Delaney and Anthony “I-can’t-believe-I-let-them-write-me-off-‘ER’-before-I-was-cast-on-another-TV-series” Edwards.

Not many celebrities have come forward in support of Rudy Giuliani (although Ron Silver has expressed his admiration for America’s Mayor, and the four people who saw Silver’s most recent film are grateful for knowing how the famed “Oh God! You Devil” actor plans to cast his vote). Because of the anemic Hollywood support for his candidacy, Giuliani and his 14th wife, Judith, are hoping they can convince their bevy of ex-spouses to show up at the polls during the primaries, as that would add up to almost enough votes to clinch his nomination.

Hollywood’s A-list hasn’t exactly been rushing to endorse Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich, either, but actress and the oft-reincarnated Shirley MacLaine writes in her new book, “Sage-Ing While Age-Ing,” about a UFO sighting the congressman had at her house.

And infamous adult entertainment publisher Larry Flynt organized a fundraiser for Kucinich in November, although a spokesman for the Ohio native’s campaign played down his involvement, even going so far as to point out that Flynt has also donated money to Hillary Clinton in recent years. (Not mentioned by the spokesman is that Hillary returned the Hustler CEO’s money.)

Donny and Marie Osmond sang the praises of fellow Mormon Mitt Romney in a recent TV interview. The ex-governor of Massachusetts is now said to be spending the majority of his time campaigning from one Osmond house to the next, knowing if he can reach out to every Osmond, he will have covered most of Utah.

And then there’s former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who’s basking in the glow of the superstars who continue gravitating to his camp. Hard-rock guitarist and Second Amendment enthusiast Ted Nugent has backed his bid for the presidency. Sixteen-time World Heavyweight Champion wrestler Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair also has shown his loyalty to the ordained Southern Baptist minister. But it’s because of the support of fellow theory of evolution disputer and “Walker, Texas Ranger” star Chuck Norris (and his astonishingly large cult-like fan base) that many pundits think Huckabee stands a good chance of winning the White House next year.

However, with the endorsements of such key players as Hulk Hogan, Sharon Stone and the cast of MTV’s “The Hills” outstanding, the election still could go in several different directions. Maybe Shirley MacClaine can reincarnate as Carnac the Magnificent to predict the results for those burning to know how the presidential race, which seemingly started two years ago, will turn out.

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