Timeshares? Boycott? More afternoon sun?

The pending sale of the Jerome Hotel, a letter writer’s call to boycott a TV show and one reader’s beef with daylight-savings time all garnered comment from online readers of The Aspen Times last week.

The smattering of comments about the Jerome included this question:

Another had this to say about the reception the current owners of the hotel received when they went before the City Council with renovation plans:

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Sven Erik Alstrom’s March 20 letter to the editor, urging TV viewers not to watch “the horrifically violent ’24,’ ” prompted a couple of online comments, including this:

And, there was this:

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Friday’s letter to the editor from David Gibson, suggesting daylight-savings time adds an hour of afternoon sun each day, hastening the melting of snow, prompted this response:

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Andrew Kole’s decision to again seek election to the Aspen City Council also garnered comment from an online reader. In an article Thursday, Kole mused that Aspen voters might give hime a shot now that he’s lived in town since 1998. Responded a reader:

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County Commissioner Rachel Richard’s guest opinion (“Keep an eye on the bigger picture,” March 19), in which she weighed in on Aspen mayoral candidate Tim Semrau’s idea to raise the appreciation cap on employee housing, produced this response:

Rachel Richards makes some excellent points. We need to make sure we elect someone who understands the big picture, and it’s not Tim Semrau.

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