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Time to sign a recall petition

Su Lum

The last time I voted to recall anyone from public office was, if I recall correctly, in the early ’70s when the electorate ousted Bill Comcowich from the Aspen City Council, so I’m not one to jump quickly onto any recall bandwagon.However, the situation in the district attorney’s office has gotten so far out of hand that it is clear that a house-cleaning is definitely in order and Colleen Truden must be replaced.This is our district attorney, for godsake, the upholder of truth, order, justice and fair trials for everyone in Pitkin, Garfield and Rio Blanco counties, and what is coming out of that office is disorder, chaos, mistruths, secrecy, miscarriages of justice and a whole lot of denial.As late as July 10, when the Aspen Times Weekly ran a cover story on Colleen Truden to give her side of the story, she was still saying of the recall effort, “I think it’s limited to a couple of individuals and we’ll see where it goes.”Asked if she had considered resigning, she said, “Absolutely not,” referring to “a couple of people calling me names.”She blamed the media, “They put it in there to stir up controversy to sell newspapers. It’s one of those things (when) you go, ‘Why talk?’ Because it’s not going to be printed accurately.” To sell our free newspapers?I’m a big believer in the power of the press, but I know the press doesn’t have the power to whip up a story like this one on the basis of a couple of dissenters. Colleen Truden has her head in the sand and over 2,000 recall signatures have already been gathered in support of her recall and they’ve barely tapped Aspen/Snowmass yet. When I’ve asked people close to the story if the press exaggerated the facts they’ve said, “No, it’s much WORSE!” Then there’s the Tony Hershey factor. Tony Hershey is as Republican as you can get, and it seemed quite fitting that he would have been chosen by Colleen Truden to work in her office. He could also have been her best spokesperson when the excrement hit the fan and her ex-employees were streaming out of her office like lemmings to the sea.Instead, he was under gag rule and could only say, “I can’t talk to you guys.” Well, he’s talking now.Secrecy and paranoia rule in the district attorney’s office. Even during the primary, Colleen Truden refused to debate Lawson Wills, convinced that silence was her best offense. Now, you need to get out there and find those petitions. Better yet, put them in your shops where people can easily find you or help man tables around town.You can sign them at The Hair Company, 420 East Hyman in Aspen, at the Snowmass Village Community Picnic next Saturday from 5-9 p.m. in Snowmass Community Park, at the Ducky Derby on Saturday in Rio Grande Park from 10 a.m. on (look for the “recall petition” T-shirts) and in the Clark’s Market mall today from 2-4 p.m. Call Carla Peltonen at 925-2584 (or e-mail c.peltonen@comcast.net) for information or to volunteer.Call Sherry Caloia at 945-6067 (or e-mail scaloia@sopris.net) if you’d be willing to circulate petitions – we need a lot more of them. Su Lum (su@rof.net) is a longtime local who will be keeping her nose clean. This column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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