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Thumbs up, thumbs down

Su Lum

Thumbs up to City Manager Steve Barwick for firing Melinda Calvano, the police officer who Tasered the 63-year-old homeless woman for plucking a sweater out of the Dumpster or contribution box behind the Thrift Shop. This is not the first time Calvano has been accused of over-reacting – see the latest lawsuit from the woman who was (allegedly) forcibly sedated.Thumbs down to Police Chief Loren Ryerson for demurring, suggesting a further rift between the city and the police department on top of a rift already established between the city police and the county sheriff’s department following the Great Drug Bust at Little Annie’s and the Cooper Street (sic) Pier.Staying with the law enforcement angle of ups and downs, thumbs up to Bob Braudis for checking into whatever to get his whatever together and thumbs down to everyone, especially his “opponent,” Rick Magnuson, for giving him crap about it. Bob Braudis is one of the most honest, intelligent and honorable members of our community – long may he live in good health and try to save us from the foggy, foggy dew.Thumbs up to KAJX for broadcasting, live, the discussions with national celebrities, and to Grassroots TV for taping them – events that heretofore were open only to those who had the time to stand for hours in line to get a seat for these events, often to no avail.Speaking of Grassroots, thumbs up to the City Council for arranging taping of their work sessions dealing with the moratorium. The whole community should be watching and, since the Grassroots website schedule only deals with channel 12, a schedule should be released to the papers for channel 11, the local political channel.A huge thumbs down to changing the name of Paepcke Auditorium to Resnick Auditorium. Is nothing sacred? Can anything be bought? If I donated $4 million to the renovation of the Hotel Jerome should it, could it, become the Lum Hotel? Best to nip this absurdity in the bud. The Resnicks have already said they hadn’t asked for it – put a plaque on the building acknowledging their generosity, continue to refer to it as Paepcke Auditorium and put this issue to rest.Thumbs down to the institute for taking the flimsy stance that the building had never “officially” been named Paepcke Auditorium. Fap.Thumbs up to Barry Smith, whose next performance you can catch on Sunday, August 20, 7:30 p.m. at the Theatre in the Park [Theatre Aspen]. You’ll be glad you went.Thumbs down to the driver of the Waste Management truck who took out my left mirror and those of two other cars parked on Main Street. If there were any justice, he’d have to drive it to Elk Mountain Motors for the repair. Thumbs up to Rick Magnuson for handling the transgression swiftly and sweetly. Do keep your day job!Su Lum is a longtime local whose column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times. Her e-mail is