The spring clean |

The spring clean

Do you need that old pair of sneakers? How about those Head 360s? Can’t see out of those dirty windows? When was the last time that floor was really clean?Yes, it is the final weekend before Memorial Day and, if you have any shot at taking care of that Spring Clean you said you were going to take care of last spring, then this is pretty much your last chance before summer kicks in. Or not.Here in the Roaring Fork Valley, we tend to accumulate stuff. We have too many pairs of skis, too many hiking shoes, too much swag left from events past, too many clothes, too many books and magazines, too many pictures and paintings. Just too much of everything. When we get something new, something we just gotta have, we never have room for it because the stuff we just had to have from the past is in the way.And not only that, the stuff we have is all piled up on top of the floors that we need to mop, or the windows we need to wash, so it’s just a lot easier to leave it where it is and, well, forget about it.Or not.The other option is to roll up those sleeves and commence a Spring Clean. Start with the stuff you want to get rid of. Those aforementioned shoes and skis. Sure you had some great days on those old Heads back in the ’70s, but times have changed, man. You’ve been saying you were going to take them to the ski swap since 1982, and you still have 17 other pairs of skis. Make the break. Same with those Ski magazines that you’ve hoarded for the last few months but have not yet found the time to crack the covers. Get ’em together and get ’em out of the house.You have two options. The first is to take the stuff to the Thrift Shop or Susie’s or Designer Consignor or Replay Sports, if you think they will be of any use to anyone else. If not, your second option is to take them to the dump … er … the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center, as they prefer to call it. If you have never driven up the hill to see where the flotsam and jetsam of our lives goes to be returned to the earth, you are in for a treat.Once you’ve cleared the space, get your implements of cleanliness together. Shop towels, mops, squeegees, disinfectant sprays or wipes, Windex, etc. Start with one room and work your way around. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt and grime and pollution you live with – no, sleep with – on a given day. It’s time to pass your own personal Canary Initiative.Or not.

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