The sporting life II |

The sporting life II

Paul E. Anna
Aspen, CO Colorado

As Charlie Brown used to say, “Aargh!!!”

It has been the most difficult of days for Colorado sports fans. If the World Series had gone seven games, today would have been “the day after.” Today would have been the day that Rockies fans would have been either hung over from the joy of a World Series triumph or seething in a chowdah-induced rage. If only …

Instead, we are now nearly a week past the tribulations of the World Series. Beware the layoff, said this scribe after the Rox ripped the D-Backs in four straight, giving them eight full days to decompress from the juice that gave them 20 wins in 21 games. This was a team that was riding momentum like maybe no other team in any other sport ever. To have the layoff they had before facing the team that they did was a surefire buzz-kill cocktail. No way could they keep it going.

And then there were the Broncos. A big Sunday-night win on national television against the red-hot Pittsburgh Steelers evened their record at 3-3. It was an anemic 3-3, what with all of their wins coming on game-winning field goals by Jason Elam, but an anemic 3-3 in the anemic AFC West seemed OK. And besides that they had a Monday-night showcase coming up against the Green Bay Packers and Father Time himself.

Well, that didn’t go so well either as Brett Favre stuck a dagger into the Broncos high hopes by beating not just their best player, Champ Bailey, but their best new player, Dre Bly, for, dare it be said, buzz-killing touchdown passes. Now the Broncos are 3-4, they travel this week to Detroit, a team on a roll, and play four of their next five games on the road. Things look pretty bleak for the Donkeys.

Think about it, the week that should-of, would-of, could-of, been so special began on Tuesday night, Oct. 24, with a lead-off home run by the Red Sox’ Dustin Pedroia, a guy who is too small to be hitting home runs. Boston went on to win 13-1, and the Series was effectively finished. Then, just six days later, Favre, a guy who is too old to be throwing bombs, threw one to Greg Jennings, seriously damaging the Broncos’ playoff hopes.


On the bright side, the cover boys of the current Aspen Times Weekly, your very own Aspen High School Skiers football team, have kept hope alive into November and this Saturday travel to Eaton for their first playoff game since 1974. If you were a student at Aspen High the last time the Skiers made the playoffs, let me be the first to wish you a happy 50th birthday because you are either there or about to be there, my friend.

For perspective, in 1974, Jerry Ford was the president, “Happy Days” was the most popular television show, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter had just joined the Doobies, and Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Connors and Nolan Ryan were the sports stars of the day. And no, there was no Internet, cell phones or shaped skis.

So let’s go, Skiers. Help us out of our doldrums. Let’s get a win so we can party like it’s 1974.

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