The price wasn’t right enough |

The price wasn’t right enough

My daughter Hillery called from Leadville on Saturday night in a state of semi-controlled excitement. “First, you have to promise, Su, not to tell ANYone about this,” she said. “Not ANYone.”

I hate secrets, but promised.

“Because if you don’t buy it, we will, so you can’t tell ANYbody, OK?”

“OK. What? What?”

It seems that Hillery’s husband, Bruce, had been exhibiting some angst about living in Leadville, probably because of the never-ending snow they’ve had this winter, and the fact it still hasn’t melted and had collapsed their wood-shop roof, and the leaves aren’t even starting to come out yet.

Never mind that they are in the end stage of building the world’s most modern home deep in the woods outside of town. Hillery got on the computer and started searching around, “just for the hell of it,” and accidentally came across a Chaffin Light Real Estate listing for a property between Carbondale and Redstone that read as follows:

“Private enclave setting with stunning views! Tucked in the trees yet maximizing on amazing views from every room, this Rimledge home has it all. Private and convenient, located on 13+ acres designed for a multitude of uses inside and out. Other features include lots of trees, great yard with stream and ponds, passive solar design, private upper level master suite with deck and hot tub, excellent well, an adorable greenhouse and gardens. A real treat for any buyer. MLS#104481.”

4,265-square-foot home.

13.32 acres.

Price (are you ready?): $230,000!!!!

$46,000 down, $1,074/month with a 30-year mortgage at 5.75 percent interest.

Holy Toledo!

Hillery e-mailed the listing to me, and we went through the photos together while on the phone. Was this the repo from heaven or what? Gorgeous yard, huge mother of a sunny house ” we could put the entire McCalister, Skinner and Lum family in it and not run into each other for a week.

Hillery had already e-mailed the listing agent and vowed to get hold of someone the next day. If others stumbled onto the site, the agent’s phone would be ringing off the hook.

I spent a fitful night. Surely it couldn’t be true, but there were all those details about the down payment and monthly mortgage payments. On the other hand, if it really were true, how did it even get so far as the MLS when someone from the Inside could have snapped it up?

I dreamed of the pretty pond, the pool table in the rec room with the big fireplace, the cozy cupola room with windows all around looking out at Mount Sopris and “my room,” a third-floor bedroom with slanted ceilings.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It sounded too good to be true, and it wasn’t true. The price of the house was $2.3 million, not $230,000. What a difference a zero makes.

Hillery told the agent about the false information on the website, but as of Tuesday morning, it was still up there.

And the good news is that I can tell EVERYone.

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