The price of fame in Aspen |

The price of fame in Aspen

Aspen, CO Colorado

Paparazzi may be the bane of celebrities in Aspen for the holidays, but not everyone is sympathetic to their plight, judging from online response to a Jan. 3 article in which actress Goldie Hawn took issue with the aggressive photographers.

Comments from online readers of The Aspen Times ranged from:


Observed another:

“Stay home” was one reader’s advice:

Yet another offered this observation:

If Aspen is too much, there’s always Canada:

Plenty of readers fired off comments regarding the New Year’s Eve shooting of a dog that was roaming on public land in Missouri Heights. Both news articles about the incident and a letter to the editor by the dog’s owner garnered online response.

Said one reader:

But plenty of readers blamed the dog’s owners:

Said another:

And, there was this:

But, concluded another:

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